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Booking a boudoir photo shoot is  not simple as  going to a shop to buy a book.

When you select your boudoir photographer for your stunning photo shoot, the photographer doesn’t turn up, take the picture and then print them out. All of us photographer wish it was the case, but the truth is that it doesn’t happen like this.

So here is a walk through of the shoots and the work that really happens:

Your Boudoir photographer is in business and as professional photographers, they have a massive cost on cameras, insurance and all the other business costs such as insurance, office/Office rental, telephone and Internet, the staff, and of course their website and marketing so that you can find them and they have somewhere to shoot your photography session.

Once you contact your photographer about your own personal photo shoot, they will talk to you about what you want and the styles. This make the shoot personalised to you and your requirements.

You attend your boudoir photo shoot and this is on average about 4 hours long.

Once your photo shoot is over, the photographer has to edit all the images so that they look great and are balanced, they may design the books and other items that you may want.This take around 30 hours making the photo shoot for each person a total of around 40 hours.

If we now put the shoe on your foot, we just simple ask you how much for this working week would you liked to be paid?

We then have to add the costs of prints, albums and the business costs to this weekly wage that you have given yourself, and you can soon see that costs add up. 

If you look at the boudoir package prices published on the National Photographer Boudoir Photography website, you can see that the photo shoot offered are amazing value for money.


There is a great experience to be had when you are the model for a few hours or the day on a photo shoot. While you may believe that younger slim girls can do this with their firm skin and pretty looks that comes with their youth;  it is not always the case.
There is nothing more that the mature lady adds to a photo shoot than class and style in her own boudoir photo shoot.

I (Rory) believe that  every woman has her own beauty as they mature it shows more and more and this is captured on the camera. There may be a few lines here and there but with a little retouching of the photos to soften them can make the model look both younger while still keeping the images true to who they are.

As you can see we have a ‘modest’ photo and we can also see that I have used a classical style of photography pose for this clients photo shoot, a touch of vintage  or burlesque you may say?

Want to know More:

We have recently wrote an article about wrinkles and dreaded stretch marks on the website, we have even made a little video so you can see a fade from before and after as well as side by side pictures.. Visit the website to find out about looking younger and feeling very sexy.

Visit our website to book your photo shoot here: National Photographer boudoir photography


It is always nice to hit the spot when we are doing our photo shoots and we really pulled the stops out for our photo shoot on Thursday the 3rd.

A Phone call  Wednesday lunch time from a client requested a photo shoot  as a gift for her husband to be on the following Saturday! That meant that there was ten days to  have the photo shoot and also get the prints to the bride. While that may seem like plenty of time to get everything done, these ten days go past very quickly; with three days for postal delivery, two days for retouching and one day for the clients print selection and of course the photo shoot day..7 days are gone.

Of course with such a short notice booking pocket books and albums are not an option  as these generally take 14 days to arrive in England and with the ordering process taking longer for conformation of the design and any changes, Albums can easly take 20 days to be completed.

Here is what our client said in her email to us:

Thank you so much again, it was an amazing experience, im sure i will see you again in the near future. Im sure after the wedding my new husband would love to look at these to purchase some more for an album. i have chosen…  … this was a very hard choice, and as u can see it took ages to decide..
thanking you again
We currently cannot share some of the great photos from the shoot, as the wedding date hasnt past just yet and we like to keep things under wraps until after the wedding…. So in around two to three weeks we shall see some pictures added from this shoot.

Here are some images from a few of the boudoir photo shoots we have done including the photo shoot from two weeks ago that we have been waiting to post.

To book your boudoir photo shoot; Visit the national photographer Boudoir photography website

We are selling our old boudoir website, the website is a simple and easy to edit and mange site with a two column basis with over and under sections as well as a footer.

The website  is bright and colourful with a butterfly pattern and a lighting effect on the text to give a 3d effect.

The website has a  simple calculator so that your client may calculate a package based on their requirements so that you do not have to design set packages which can be a turn off to many clients.

The websites background colour (shown in baby pink) can be changed with a simple graphic, the header can also be changed.
The right side images can be used as a Light box display gallery across the pages of the site, so that each of the pages has relevant images and will work as a gallery, alternatively the images could be single larger images per page or a rotational image could be used.
If you would like the images to be large you can skip the CSS style for the images, and with a minor alteration a flash scroll gallery can be placed in the right hand side, both easy to administrate and requires no special coding software.

For ease of reading, the  paragraphs or sections of the pages are broken up by small banners with butterflies on them, this allows the client to follow sections and skip to the next subject is they would like.

site with calculator

The simple check box system in the calculator allows clients to  click on the items that they would like and covers most of the basic functions that you will need to know. like:

  • Hours booking
  • make up and hair
  • prop  and clothing use
  • Specific photo shoots (like bed of roses, bed of candles)
  • The photo shoot venue
  • and the album (with they design or studio design)

The calculator is split into two parts as this basically covers the costs of the shoot, the second part  would be the products

These are sectioned  as:

  • preview (gallery, proofs or contact sheets or Dvd slide show)
  • Album prints
  • Image retouching
  • Digital negatives
  • Special imaging (such as vargas)

The client can use a number of the options to calculate the right about of images, so a 50 and a 20 would give them the price for 70 images. Down the right side of the page, there is space for the details of the choices in a summary to help guide the client through each part and so that they know what they are paying for and how to make the choice.

Sites performance.

While many people will sell you a website with no information and just based on its looks, we can give you information on the websites performance.

The site has been designed as a 3 page site – Thats is that clients should only need to go to three pages. the site averages 4.24 pages per visitor.

The visitor average  duration is  3.25 minutes which is what you would expect based on the information and type of website it is.

We experience in excess of 3,400 page views  per month on the website.


we never used the site with a light box or gallery as we find that a lot of men search the websites  looking for images of this type, it may encourage clients to have larger images on the website.

The current page width is a little large and fits standard screen sizes 1024, this can be adjusted in the CSS.  both the border and back ground colour od the main page can be changed, however sitting on top of there are two black background images to match the page itself.

Some users may find the  site a little too fresh and garish. with its lime green shocking pink and multi coloured butterflies.

This website does NOT come with, Hosting, images or meta data or text content..

Many people may wonder where boudoir photography came from and its origins and in the post on the National Photographer website you will find a post on the history of boudoir photography, before it was boudoir.

The  post follows the changes in the perception’s of this genre of photography dating back to the late 1800’s and follows the path of social acceptance, and all the side bits that led up to the final boudoir photo shoots of today and all the influences that had an effect on it along the way.

The article  covers glamour, nude, art, pin-up, page 3, lads mags, and boudoir photography from 1880’s- 2000

Do you really know the value of photography as well as the time and the costs that us photographers have to offer you?

Quote us happy is a spin on the car insurance pitch of “quote me happy” but rather than the photographers quoting you, you quote the photographers.

How to quote your boudoir photography photo shoot.

How to work out the time.

Unknown to many  people, all photography has what we call post production. This is image retouching, level adjustment and much more and takes about 4 times the length of the photo shoot.

Business costs.

Just like you have in everyday life,  the photographers have  what we call business costs. These costs are often forgotten by the clients but have to be paid for by the photographer. If the photographer cannot meet these costs then they go out of business. Here is a list of the costs:

  1. Rent
  2. Rates
  3. Insurance
  4. Equipment
  5. Marketing
  6. Staff

Product costs

The other costs are of course the products, these are the prints, canvases and albums that you would like.


You may also wish to consider the wage of the photographer who im sure is worth a little more than minimum wage. A photographer has around 52 clients per year and works for 50 weeks of the year taking two weeks off for holiday and illness.

How to do the math.

This is a little backwards as you need to add the business costs together, then add the wage and then divide this by 52 to give you your base rate for your photo shoot at a weekly cost.
To work out the wages;  for most shoots should by divided by the days (7) and then  multiplied by 3 (it normally takes around 3 days to fully complete a photo shoot).

You then need to work out the costs of prints, albums and or canvases that you would like. Photographers do not use high street printers but quality printers such as  and album suppliers such as

You should now have your rough price quote and the details of your package for the photographer, this should have the details of your photo shoot; to help this is the details of the shoot that you should include with your budget quote.

  • Shoot location ( may be a  hotel)
    Travel costs to the location
  • How long the shoot will be for.
    Any costs of food and drink
  • How many outfit changes there will be
  • If you have a make up artist (and their details)
  • The prints, album and canvases (with sizes and suppliers)
  • Wages (hourly rate or job rate)
  • The total budget

Simply send this to us by contacting us and we will see if you have quoted us happy.

We are always looking at data and stats across the world and that we are a little on the edge or in front of many when it comes to development, technology and forward thinking..

As we all know a boudoir photo shoot is all about luxury and being pampered as well as the stunning images that are offered by photographer from all around the world.
But today I  wanted to look at the markets for both the photographer and well tell you about you and others like you that have looked at boudoir photography.

This post looks at the trends and the effect the recession has had on the way you feel and think.. as well as the history of all you girls on the net that are searching for that photo shoot. I am  by no means going to write a full detailed report with full details on every part of the searches and trends or down to the details of the searches, but  this report may only be of interest to Boudoir photographers, Bridal Boudoir Photographer and Glamour Photographers..

This report is based on information from 2004 to date and will give a little insight to the future.. and will only cover the UK market.

“Boudoir Photography”

In 2006 we saw some of  the first searches really appear on the internet and rise over the coming years. a jump seems to appear in the latter part of 2006 for people who searched for “Boudoir Photography” and this was fairly low all the way through to the middle of 2007  which was operating at around 20%  in the final part of 2007 and the early part of 2008 the  searches steadily rose  and hovered to between 40 and 60% before the  market crash which saw the searching drop back to a little over 40% and not recover until  the last quarter of  2008

and through 2009 the market has been stable with regular jumping between 60% and 100% although the last quarter of 2009 has seen a drop in the searches.

Boudoir photography searches are seasonal, from the fairly detailed report I have in front of me  Boudoir searches are lower in the mid summer months than they are in spring and also in the winter (final quarter)

I think that is would be fair to say that boudoir photography could be a strong result for valentines and christmas presents or treats.. Or they of course could be making a turn around over the summer months to other phrases, I will go into these  as I write…

“Glamour Photography”

Glamour has been around for many years and we of course have the results back to 2004, Now  as we all know search results  normally turn into pron viewing if youre not careful with the search term that you use, and I think that glamour photography could be one of those words that people dont want to use because of this.

Glamour Photography is on a decline. dropping from 100%  down to around 30% in the last quarter of 2009.

Interestingly =  in the jump we see in boudoir searches there is also a small jump in  the glamour photography at the same time… so there was an event that caused this, the media leading people once again as if memory serves me correctly, How to look good naked came to our screens..

From mid 2006 Glamour was around 40% and kept that way until the end of 2007 when it accounted for around 30% where it remains at those levels  today. 

It would seem that from the other related information that most of the search seems related to models or modeling.

Glamour photography searches (model) seems to have a key peak in the mid summer or late spring of each year. but the level of people  looking to go into glamour is dropping from around 70% in 2004 to 40% in 2006 and around 30% in 2008 and in 2009 this has dropped from 30% to below 10%  in the second half of the year.

Interestingly = glamour agencies searches are rising in the latter part of 2009 after a steep drop off in the middle of 2008 although the rise is only around 15% over the same period the previous year.

And the little peek in 2006 also saw a jump in people looking towards glamour model agencies..

Model agencies searches took a slump in 2008  but interestingly the data from 2007 and  2009 almost follow the same pattern over the year with a 3 quarter peek of interest, however it is down around 15%. but 2009 has doubled since the start of this year as a comparative.

“Bridal boudoir”
Well this is closely related to this blog, but interestingly  we get NO data on this until 2009.. and as you would expect the searches peeked in the first quarter and dropped slightly by the end of the second ( like a  small second wind) and then shortly into the middle of the year a complete drop off as you would expect with the following of the wedding season, well preceeding the actual season…

Looking at the results closely, it would appear that searching starts the 3 week into the start of the year,  and really goes from March.  and by june you have come to the end of that run.

” boudoir photographer”

there is limited data on this search, and runs from 2008 through to mid 2009 where there is a complete drop off in the terms use. There is a steady rise from spring to summer for this search..

Now switching this up  to the battle of the sex’s just to add some fire to this report..

Sexism  is rising again we saw a small drop in the later part of 2008  but it is creeping back up, but is not at the levels it was in 2007 but there is only a 10% drop.. and as you may have guessed it was of course “female photographer”

“lingerie photography”

After something a client said to me.. I picked this  to look up, I will work with some variations..
Well I can tell you the summer of 2008 wasnt very sexy.. as  the first quarter ended so did the searches until the end of the summer when it jumped back up to 55%. It does remain around the same for most of 2009 but there has been a recent peak in requests.

“Portrait photographer”

As you would expect the portrait photographer report peeks in winter, and drops in the summer. Winter portrait Photography requests seem as strong as ever but ar down by around 20% over preceeding years right back until the property boom of 2004 when they were almost at the same levels, Overall there is a drop of around 20% over 2008. In the data I am looking at, the top years for portrait photography was 2004 closely followed by 2007
2006 saw a large drop which in memory serves me was around the time that most of the semi pro cameras were targeted at the general public.

also “portrait photographers” has seen a drop since  year 2006 and has remained pretty constant. and only sees a small drop in 2009 by around 7% until this winter which seems to be better than the pervious year.

Over all for portraits including family and variations, work is down 20% over 2008 and that is down 20% from 2007, so we have seen a drop of 40% from 2007 to 2009 for portraits, but this may fall into a drop of around 25%-30% in all sectors of photography.

Interestingly = More people are searching via pictures and videos than  using the standard web search, this seems to be a tactic used for the start of the year in the first quarter, but there seems to be a slight decline  over the past two years.

Set aside “wedding photographers”

boudoir goes with weddings, there is no doubt here from the previous mention I made and the flow  of things.
wedding is dropped 20% from its peak for 2009 .. If  I look at the data yearly and average them out a little then give the drops, you can see the difference. 
2004  70%
2005 76%
2006 85%
2007 79%
2008 62%
2009 50%

Highs and lows

Peeks 3Q  2004 and 2006

Dips 3Q 2009 (joint 2004 and 2007)

I will let you draw your own summary from the information I have provided, the information clearly shows some dropped  over the years and also shows how the market floats around within the year, some photography  markets are down and have progressively been this way over the past few years with a drop in 2007 and some peeks in 2006.

as the market has had its down turn the libido of many people has also dropped as money strings has tightened, Many people holding close the family values for family photography but certain luxuries like boudoir has become every girls dream and wedding boudoir is really creeping in with brides wanting to both treat themselves and their partner and is most certainly on the rise while wedding photography seems to still be slowly declining.

The uncle bob and everyone else thats trying to give it a go (the competition)  faded off in 2008 as the uncles money belts got tighter, but we are seeing a rise again in the wannabes taking to the market (up around 25%).
I did write a report in the influx of photographers from 2007 to 2008 which I think off the top of my head was around 40% more ammatures going towards photography.. and a drop in the market of around the same amount over the pervious year.

Some photographers have seen an increase in work and other have not, this  will be based on geographical areas and also the price and packages of the photographers for the value for money, but with out know the logic behind some purchases and the offerings of photographers it is hard to say where things are going. so some photographers will be effected and others will not.

Every photographer likes to take photos and photography is a art, you like or hate images based on a personal preference or what we call taste.

With images there is a lot to take into account that yeah that looks nice, From this  point as  a teacher of photography things go a little bit differently into the world of technical details of the photograph itself.

These things are:

Colour, Lighting, debt, story, emotion, dynamic range, context,  lines, rule of thirds hot and cold colours, how the eye reads the image.
The other part is, the pose the expression the factor the wow and the woe of the subject in the photo. also the pose, the camera angle and as an after thought the  post processing (retouching and effects)

Of course for the layman, its just push a button right? lol..

So let me pull up two of the recent images that I upladed so I can rip these apart in my critique of myself.. and for those who know how bad it is to write about yourself, well this is just as bad..

bridal boudoir photo shoots

lots of tease not slease

Ok so lets look at this image well its first big issue for me is the right leg, as you can see the suspender is off, the leg is slightly rased and the stocking a little tight. The leaf  which is sat between the legs also looks like a bad shadow and should have been removed,  all of these things should have been noticed before this shot was taken.

The image has four parts, the back ground, the person, the rose and what they apear to be laying on.

witin the details of the person, there is the hand and the legs (as well as what they are wearing)
The rose leaves are the main part of this image and in this case is a long stem rose

You can see that the lighting is even, and you can also see its soft lighting and is from above and to the right slighty.

the rule of thirds  when applied to this image work, you have body /rose in the lower third,  the hand /stocking/ skin in the middle third and the stockign tops in the top third.
from the right to left thirds, you can see that  the left stocking meets the mark and the other would have if it was there. and you will also notice that the image is off centre.

Here are some posibilities to this image:

This image I would consider one of the beter options as it cuts away from the obious fault with the right leg, one of the bonuses are that the rose now leads the main attraction to the image and offer a line to follow the image and meets the eyes criteria and way we look at things.
looking at the image it has the rule of thrids it also has the eye and the lines as well as all the points of interest. if you are looking at this  your eye should start in the lower right and move to the hand and them the stocking strap on the leg.
One thing I think I would change is to remove the holes in the leaves as these do detract from the image.

This imag crop also take away the right leg but doesnt follow the rules of balance within the image. there are no clear lines for the eye to follow and you seem to look into the middle of the image and then down to the out side. The dark top right doesnt match to anything within the image and there for it is not a good image.

This is just a crop of the two sides of the image to make a more closed view, as you can see from the image the right leg stands out more as does the suspender connection. Agin the eye is drawn to the hand,  and from the right to the left of the image (it should be left to right) the dark top corners through the image out of balance especially on the right side of the picture. the picture also looks ‘flat’

This image is the same as the orginal but with a darked circle around it to draw the attention to the middle, the eye is drawn to the hand and then across in a diagonal from positions 2  to 7 the remainder  of the image looks fine but the balance if off due to the suspender.. As you can see below I have added a suspender  and although a little sloppy we can see the effect it has on the image and balance.

This image plays with the lighting to  add shadows, the side effect is that the colours are off and the images is over saturated.

This image offers black and white and also the glow effect that seems to fill boudoir photography, This of course being  what has been widely used in glamour photographer.. One keyword would be the olan mills portraits, these  were retouched in the 90’s and very popular back then,  but at 20 years old, its not hot off the press but still desired by some people.

Over all the image is let down by the detail that was over looked in this image, the only crop where the image looks good in the first one I did, the balance of the image is out and therefore not a good image.

I was going to do two images, but I think this has taken enough of my time.

Stan Seaton  and Jane are a all round photographers with wedding, portrait at boudoir which is offered on their Boudoir website called visual secrets.

I find the site is well written though it does start with wedding photography, which I feel should be a end point rather than a start point on a boudoir photography website.
The site is easy to follow and fresh. One of the more striking images is the  masquerade mask used on the about page, its well worth taking a look if you like them.

As usual I had a look around a few of the websites and you can tell that Stan knows what hes talking about, I had a look at his wedding photography and sample albums to see what the rest of the photography is like and his words and context used is accurate. You can see a strong portrait and female side of the photography which for a guy he captures this really well. it is seldom seen that a male photographer handles the images and capture as well as invoke emotive within the photography, I would guess this comes from the bridal portraits.

It’s nice to also see that he has his own mind and hasnt really gone crazy over the venture portraits in his portrait photography, which means that he has family values in that they are traditional as they are not totally how he wants then to be. (natural is probably a good word) You can see the fashion in the adults gallery, Or should I say grown ups as adult on a boudoir website may mean something a little different.. 

I can see the Eye for detail with in the work with can only lead to good things. So I think we can safely say that the photography is good  🙂

There are only two packages available a taster and a shoot, one is a 2 hour shoot for just shy of £300 and the other is unnamed for just shy of £600,  would expect this to be something like a 4.5 hour photo shoot maybe 6 including the makeover and  by the time you leave. 10 images are included in the package, which works out at around £50 per image and the quality is there to charge that, though with the considerations for the luxury hotel and pampering the price soon drops to below the average for the cost verses quality.. but I know the area quite well and it would be considered quite high priced for that area, yet it is still reasonable.

The website is well worth a visit for its services and shows a good site and balance within itself.

One thing that isnt clear, Is who the photographers is.. I know its Stan’s Photography but he also works with Jane ( you will find this info on other sites),  so I just think it would be good if we all knew if Jane was there on the day at these shoots as we know girls like other girls to be around..

When will we see some more in the gallery and the product info on the site?

Keep up the good work and if you just read all that, click here to take yoru own look…