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Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot album

Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot album

A album design for bridal boudoir photo shoot that we offer. Its always easier to show off the finished shoot material than to capture the photo shoot as they happen.. is it the photo shoot or the photos that are important??


With the new website we also have some new marketing going out over the christmas break.

Recently, we have been updating the City Photography site and this means NEW Boudoir sections which of course works with the National Photographer Boudoir Photography…

So Let me get listing the sites that we have completed so you can take a peek..

Oxford – Complete new site and a new domain. Interesting site design as the Whole background on the page is a slide show.

London – Rework of the main city Photography website.

Cirencester –

Reading – (same as Cirencester)

Birmingham – (same as Ciren and Reading)

Cheltenham – (same as the main site and London, London has added pages/content  for boudoir, glamour and wedding photography)

Stroud –

Gloucester –

Cardiff – (same as Gloucester)

Swindon – (same as Gloucester and Cardiff)

Bromyard – (same as Bristol)

Bristol and Bromyard  have a pop up gallery which is a mix of photos to cover the full websites, this was done as some people dont have high speed internet. So to keep the main site slow is probaly a good thing as there are reports that the National Photographer Boudoir Photography website is a little slow loading.

The main thing to do now is to mix the sites up with regards to Images and Content. Oxford has the least information on, followed then by the Bristol and Bromyard websites.

A few of the site are missing the Trash the Dress shoots, most are missing Glamour Photography and Bridal Boudoir photo shoots.

We know you girls like a bargain and you know them when you see one.

We are offering a few venue shoots for an amazing price of just £200.00


You will get:

  • The use of our extensive prop’s collection & wardrobe
  • up to 4  Hours photo shoot at the venue
  • The use of the venue after your photo shoot (normally till the next moring)
  • Direction and guidance throughout your shoot
  • Unlimited photos taken during your session for you to choose from
  • Your own personal website Gallery containing -:
    Photographic Proof Gallery – all your shots from your boudoir shoot
    Photographer’s Choice Gallery – Photo’s that have been retouched in a variety of styles and examples of what styles & options are available
    Designer Album Proof Gallery –Your boudoir shoot photos in an optional album
  • Full retouching and effects on any images you wish to purchase (as requested)
  • What you dont get:

    • There are no images included in this package promotion.
    • This offer is only open to BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY.
    • No makeup or hair (this can be purchased as an extra)
    • This is a limited offer subject to availablity during the winter 2009 (Nov-Jan)


    Photo shoot venues

    Cirencester :

    Gloucester & Cheltenham:



    For information on our photo shoots please visit our website

    For many women,  a photo shoot is a one off thing that they could do if you had the right ( a better) camera or with their own digital camera. Modern Digital cameras are getting much better, and people are happy with what they do.

    If that’s what you believe then think again.

    home shoot

    This is a photo take at a home shoot on a normal camera. As you can see,  the flash has reacted with the foundation make up, other wise it is a good image. Ok there are a  few things, like the shadow on the ceiling, the angle that the shot is taken isnt very flatering, but when you have to hold your own camera to take a photo, its pretty much the common thing that happens.

    This photo however is of the same girl but was taken by a professional photographer.

    professional photo shoot

    As you can see, there is a big difference between the photos of this girl and why professional photographer is called professional. Though from our investagations, with Trading standards and the ASA, they dont really care about the people calling themselves a Professional Photographer. So we will now go with the official Expert Professional Photographer, so that there is little legal confusion… (if your thinking what the.. yeah, I know)

    There are many instances of  professional photo shoots and there is nothing that builds confidence like a professional photographer can offer with excellent photography skills. The other part of the pro photographers job is working with people, using the light and finding those poses that make you look really good.

    Remember the camera is only a tool for a photographer and its about knowing how to use light and poses to make the best of someone on their photo shoot. In fact photography means, painting with light.

    This Wedding Photo was not taken by our photographers, we were approached for a boudoir photo shoot, just look at the difference that having a professional photo shoot makes.

    Wedding photo (not by National Photographer)

    Wedding photo (not by National Photographer)


    Boudoir Photo shoot by National Photographer

    Boudoir Photo shoot by National Photographer

    As you can see there is a big difference in how the lighting is used and the skills of the photographer. and the client is so pleased with her photos she wants to come back for one of our trash the wedding dress photo shoots.

    Many people think that Pro photographers use a lot of photo shop to edit (retouch) images, this isnt the case. We believe that if you can shoot it right then there is little need to any photo shop editing. For some, there maybe a little  and for others, it may be removng stretch marks after having a baby or three.   Generally we tend to just adjust the image slightly; in fact if you go to the videos and click over to youtube, you will see a video all about editing and retouching photos on the GTWCMT channel.

    Of course with Photo shop, you can add to images and make them a little different than the norm, after all if we are shooting vintage, we want to make the images look vintage as well. especally with our pin up photography

    Styled image

    Styled image

    With the new website launched for boudoir photography National Photographer  is coming up top in the website search engines.

    Boudoir Photographer  (ranked 4th globally, 6th UK) ((ranked 6th & 8th globally, 6th & 7th  UK)

    MSN search results we are not doing well. it seems as if MSN is using older results and therefore not presenting so well, but Im sure we can do something about that.. :-0

    Bridal Boudoir Photographer

    (UK 3rd global is also 3rd.);_ylt=A1f4cfN72i9KZ7AAszpLBQx.?p=bridal+boudoir+photographer&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-501&fr2=sb-top&rd=r2&sao=1

    (uk 3rd,6th, 9th – Global 3rd and 6th)

    ( uk 6th in MSN..and 7th globally)

    global 9th – but how many sponsered links on there website!! not even making the first page with their apparent google search engine.

    We are currently working on the local city photography websites to add boudoir photography and pin-up photography to the sites that we have listed with out them all looking samey

    Here is a current list of City Photography websites :
    Gloucestershire photographers
    (Gloucester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud, Cirencester, Tewkesbury)

    Herefordshire photographers (Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Leominster, Ledbury, Bromyard, Kington)

    Somerset photographers (Taunton, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Wells, Glastonbury)

    Warwickshire photographers ( Birmingham )

    Worcestershire photographers (Worcester, Dudley, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Halesowen, Malvern, Evesham)

    Glamorgan/Morgannwg photographers Cardiff,

    All the sites can be found on the National Photographer photography directory as well as the city-photography website list (site list)

    Everything has a start and national photographer has has a massive launch this year and the end of last year, we got sleepless nights with the amount of work that was required.
    we pulled (this week)  the  boudoir photography from the  website as I was told..  Grafixphoto is a commercial  and family website and it works well with that,  boudoir and glamour need more of a wow factor so people are interested… plus it doesnt  look good mixing the two together.

     SO  in about 4 days of working hard  ( thats about  a week and a half normal peoples work)  the website was designed and put up. Its had little bits messed about it, text etc as the pages are smaller and there is  little space to put the  full content in that was on grafixphoto.. but its aparently got the wow factor..

    To be honest Im sick of looking at it already  but then  if youre designing a site  having to look at it all the time  wont mae it popular in your own eyes.