There is a great experience to be had when you are the model for a few hours or the day on a photo shoot. While you may believe that younger slim girls can do this with their firm skin and pretty looks that comes with their youth;  it is not always the case.
There is nothing more that the mature lady adds to a photo shoot than class and style in her own boudoir photo shoot.

I (Rory) believe that  every woman has her own beauty as they mature it shows more and more and this is captured on the camera. There may be a few lines here and there but with a little retouching of the photos to soften them can make the model look both younger while still keeping the images true to who they are.

As you can see we have a ‘modest’ photo and we can also see that I have used a classical style of photography pose for this clients photo shoot, a touch of vintage  or burlesque you may say?

Want to know More:

We have recently wrote an article about wrinkles and dreaded stretch marks on the website, we have even made a little video so you can see a fade from before and after as well as side by side pictures.. Visit the website to find out about looking younger and feeling very sexy.

Visit our website to book your photo shoot here: National Photographer boudoir photography



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